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Sharks: Search for a Feeding Frenzy

Oceanic Research Group produced Sharks...The Real Story in 1996. This was a 58 minute documentary designed to demonstrate that sharks are not bloodthirsty killers, but fascinating animals with well-developed senses and relatively predictable behavior. It was the true story of our film crew's search for a feeding frenzy, and the result of two years working with sharks.

The film aired throughout 1997-98 on selected PBS stations in the United States. It also aired in Italy, the UK (Discovery Europe), and is still airing in other countries around the world.

In 1999, we re-edited the film into a 48 minute commercial television length. The film is more exciting than ever. It aired in the fall of 2000 and into 2001 on the USA Network in the United States. The film's new name is Sharks: Search For A Feeding Frenzy (it was necessary to change the name to avoid confusion with the longer version.) It also aired on the SciFi Channel on a "monsters" weekend marathon.

Sharks: Search for a Feeding Frenzy takes the O.R.G. film crew from southern California where we filmed Blue Sharks to the islands of Micronesia, where we filmed Gray Reef Sharks. Along the way, we meet several other interesting and unique species of sharks (like Nurse sharks, Sand Tiger sharks, and white-tip reef sharks) and learn that they are important members of the ecosystem. In addition, we explore the biology of sharks and their relatives, the skates and rays. This program is sure to make shark lovers out of anyone who sees it! (And it's a heck of a lot of fun too.)




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