We'd like to thank the following companies and individuals for their support of this expedition.


"Manufactuers of the finest dive fins in the world - bar none. I can't dive in anything else." - Jonathan Bird - Director of Photography

Buy Force Fins

When you buy a set of Force Fins through our website, O.R.G. gets a donation from Force Fin, so please buy your next set through us!


ORG's housing of choice. "I've owned other housings but the Ikelite is by far the most reliable." - Gator

Love those rebreathers - a requirement for underwater filming.

Look ma, no hands ..... for the lights!

O'Neill makes soft supple wetsuits that don't irratate our sunburn. They fit like a glove and they're warm.

Technical Diving International is the leading Agency for technical dive training. Cliff Simoneau, Vice-president of TDI is our expedition's Technical Diving Advisor.